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"This book is written as though Chenire is having a personal conversation with you about the power of intention. Through her lens of entrepreneur, partner, mom, and grandma she shares practical reminders and new tools to create a meaningful relationship with your other half. It's great for female entrepreneurs who are searching for ways they can make a big impact on their lives with small, intentional "memory making" shifts."


- Mary Furman 

"Carter's book debut has arrived with a splash. Sharing tips with women who want to have both a successful career and relationship, who better to show us how than someone who has experienced the highs and lows of both and managed to find the sweet spot to make it all work?! The memory maker's creativity clearly shines throughout the book. You Can Have Both will give you inspiration and affirmations with every page turn. If you've been looking for a solution on how to balance work, family, and your love life, look no further, the blueprint is here." 


- Ashley Bush

"As a busy executive, newlywed, and pregnant mom, this book supported me in visualizing my future and making concrete plans on how to continuously spark joy while remaining at the top of my game. Chenire’s experience and humor make this less of a “how to” guide and more of an amazing conversation with your best friend. Inspirational, real, light, and necessary!"

- Traci Boady


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