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Memory Maker Inc (MMI) is more than a business, it is a passion. In 2001, I began making intentional efforts to host, create, and curate experiences for friends and family. Flying kites, picnics in the park, candlelit dinners with a personal chef – I facilitated surprises of all kinds. They were my “memory-making missions.” Year after year, the missions grew bigger, better, and more unexpected. Soon, I discovered that couples benefited GREATLY!


In 2020, I launched COUPLE CARE™ to take the pressure off powerhouse professionals & entrepreneurs and give them the opportunity to prioritize their partners so that they don’t feel beneath the business. "You have a plan for your business…do you have a plan for your relationship?"


Couple Care™ is the ultimate solution to help you and your partner manage your relationship and achieve the same high-level success you expect in your professional endeavors. This unique system is designed for power couples who want to win in every area of life…including their relationship.

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