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Lover's Embrace

A playbook includes process workflows, standard operating procedures, and cultural values that shape a consistent response - The Play. 

The Partner Playbook™ defines what needs to be done to win the game of love, breaking the team’s (the couple) strategy down into actionable plays and defining roles and responsibilities to be successful. A relationship playbook contains all the pieces and parts that make up your relationship’s go-to approach for connection and frankly, getting things done. 

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, folks are getting more active. Watching and participating in sports becomes an irresistible pastime. Whether it’s professional or social recreational teams, you know that playbooks are critical to any team sport. No two playbooks are alike. And those who like to win know the importance of having, learning, performing, and evaluating the playbook regularly. 

Think about all the maneuvers that go into keeping your company running smoothly. Each “player” has their own moves to execute. An assistant will have a different set of duties from the CEO. But as a team, there are a lot of projects that require them to work together collectively. 

If your relationship is currently operating with bad procedures- or no procedures at all- then you’ve experienced the problem firsthand. Decreased satisfaction, increased frustration, decreased intimacy, increased insecurities, wasted time and money are all a result of poor planning. Having an amicable, repeatable process, on the other hand, boosts your bottom line, which is to increase your relationship currency. You want to gain more connection, respect, trust, time, sex, heck whatever you value in your relationship. It will also decrease the time spent training or just hoping things will go right or be different. It also encourages your partner to take the initiative, saves time and mistakes, and ensures consistent results to make life’s moments memorable. 

Happy Couple

Playbooks are written by COACHES! 

The Memory Maker has designed a playbook that is curated for your relationship. During a 90-minute session you will:

  • Discover your relationship currency

  • Establish your relationship values

  • Create relationship goals

  • Curate your occasions

After working with me you will receive your Partner Playbook™! Once your relationship is working from a playbook, you can say goodbye to putting out fires and hello to igniting connection, curiosity, and creativity. 

This introduction to the Partner Playbook has limited space at this investment.


The best companies are adamant about having a playbook. They want to learn what customers want, measuring what is and isn’t working for customers, and eliminating and changing whatever is not successful. If you want to have the best relationship. you need your very own playbook.


Your Partner Playbook™ will outline the plays for your Couple Care™. Couple Care™ is for powerhouse professionals and entrepreneurs that want the same level of success in their relationship as they have in their business or career. They want to WIN.


YOU want to win.


Stop looking good losing. Get your playbook to winning with your partner and feeling like a winner in love. Let your success season shine in every aspect of your life. 

Loving Couple
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