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Are you ready to make a difference in your relationship?

If you are here, it means that you have decided to use this time in your life, your relationship and in history to step up and truly create your couple goals. That’s exciting! But you should know, how we do things doesn’t resonate with everyone, and we don’t work with just anyone to enhance their relationship. We will spend a lot of time during this application process making sure that we only accept committed partners who are truly ready to do the work it takes to connect, to empower, and transform their relationship.

This masterclass is designed for one or both members of a relationship. It is NOT required that you do this together. However, we do recommend that no matter the stage of your relationship that you are committed to your partner. Your commitment will motivate you to do what is necessary to keep the spark lit or to ignite the fire!

NOTE: If you have not read the book

“You Can Have Both: The Guilt-Proof Guide To Managing Your Relationship Like You Do Your Business”,

please grab your copy as it is a great place to start. 


Click here to get the book!




Couple Care is the ultimate solution for busy professionals who want their spouse to feel loved and appreciated all year long NOT just on birthdays and anniversaries. 

If you know you lack creativity when celebrating moments that mean the world to your mate,  “forgot” an important occasion in the past,  or just don’t have the time to plan meaningful experiences for the one you love,  you need a Memory Maker in your corner. 

This is what I was born to do!

By working with me, your spouse will feel loved and appreciated when they least expect it. I will create and give you ideas and experiences you can do yourself or hire me to implement so the love of your life feels remembered and not forgotten. 

More specifically you will master:

How to DISRUPT  the way you do date night that will have your spouse cherishing the ground you walk on for days! VALUE $497

How to ELEVATE  your boring and basic “date night” to an enriching experience by doing MORE just dinner and a movie.  VALUE $297


How to TRANSFORM your professional skills in your relationship to lead it to success.  VALUE $497


How to CREATE a brand story for your relationship that will create memories not mistakes. VALUE $297


How to NOT have your mate feeling disappointed or overlooked on a day that means the world to him/her! VALUE $497


How to create traditions in your relationship that will make your relationship unique and out from your couple crew.  VALUE $497


How to create relationship goals that cost little to no money but will leave an impression that will last a lifetime. VALUE $297 


You will MASTER the use of words, notes, and sayings that will instantly promote connection with your mate. VALUE $297


You will have a  90 day plan to rock your mate's world that will take the pressure off you having to think of something “special” to do each and every week!  VALUE $997


Total Value: $4,173


Your investment today to join this one-day masterclass to create your very own master plan is just $997 to join the first class of the year! If you act today, you will receive: 


Fast Action Bonuses:

Promotional code for Love Lens which helps couples to discover their shared values hosted on February 13, 2021. Value $175

Fun on the Fly downloadable with 6 amazing dates to keep passion during the pandemic dates you can do indoors. Value $162

One 30-minute consultation with the Memory Maker Value $125

Bonus Value: $462


There are two ways to invest in your relationship today! 

One payment of $997 or

two payments of $597 (one payment today and the second in two weeks)

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